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The Sparkle in Your Eye

Amazing things happen when you create something out of passion and love.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. As the founder of The Christmas City Gift Show, I am amazed at how this event has grown into one of the largest in the South. But it all started with my passion and love for the project. Putting in hard work and dedication creates a snowball effect that leads to something amazing.

However, many people today lack the drive to pursue their dreams. They have lost their sense of wonder and excitement, and fear of failure and other people’s opinions hold them back. I once had these fears, but I realized that doing nothing was a bigger fear. So, I pursued my dreams and faced the challenges that came with it.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Seeing an idea or vision become a reality that others can enjoy is incredible. I had no idea where my journey would take me, but I refused to be ruled by fear. I believe that everyone has talents and abilities given to them by God to fulfill their purpose in life.

What about you? What would you do if you could do anything? It’s never too late for a new beginning. Trust in God to guide you and walk by faith, not sight. You, too, can follow your dreams and reignite the sparkle in your eyes.

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